Appointments – Plan to arrive for your appointment 10 minutes early so you can fix those last-minute details and relax. If you are running more than 10 minutes late, we suggest rescheduling your appointment. When arriving late, you’re actually using up your own session time, and we cannot make up that time due to other scheduled appointments. We would rather reschedule than rush.

Clothing – should be comfortable and a reflection of who you really are. We have seen it all…jeans, polos, dresses, gowns. A suggestion to avoid shirts with writing or too much design. They will take away the focus of your face.

Footwear – Can’t find shoes to match your outfit? Simple solution, go barefoot!

Nails – Don’t forget the small details…like nail polish. Either it’s on or off…the chipped look is not something you are going to want to see in your portraits. When in doubt of a color, you can’t go wrong with either a French manicure or a simple nude is perfect.

Jewelry – Wear jewelry that is personal to oneself. We noticed a trend of wearing jewelry given in a current relationship (aka the boyfriend necklace) and then the relationship ends. Keep jewelry personal or even a family heirloom is a nice touch.

Retouching – Basic retouching is done complimentary which consists of removal of acne, stray hairs, brighten teeth. It is our goal make you look your best! For extensive retouching such as the removal of braces, heavy tan lines, bra straps, tattoos, etc., this can be acquired for an additional fee. Most can be avoided by planning ahead by incorporating strapless bras or bathing suits, clothing to conceal ink, etc. The thought and care you put into your portraits will be appreciated and treasured for years to come. 

High School Seniors – For the boys we suggest bringing a dress shirt and tie to wear under the cap-n-gown. Remember you are going to see the collar and tie so try to keep with your school colors. A white dress shirt is always a safe option. Having the tie already tied before you get to the studio is a time saver.

The Class Ring– Don’t forget the Class Ring for the traditional cap-n-gown portraits!

Family Portraits – When arranging a color scheme black or white shirts with jeans or khaki pants are clean classic. You can get creative by having the boys in light blue shirts/girls in light pink shirts. Mixing shades of creams, tans and browns. Men in burgundy sweaters/ladies in cream sweaters with a burgundy scarfs. The mixture of combinations is endless.

Newborn – Must be done within the first 2-3 weeks of birth and at a time of day when the baby usually sleeps. Feeding the baby an hour before the session will help keep them content. We encourage our parents to bring any special items or heirlooms that you want incorporated in your portrait. The studio has plenty of props, headbands, diaper covers all we need is your little one!

Communion – To avoid wrinkles and dirt bring your communion clothing to the studio and let the kids get changed just before their session. We welcome you to bring any special items you might have (Bible, Rosary Beads, etc.) that you would like to have included with your portraits. Much focus will be on their hands so make sure nails are clean and trimmed. For the girls a light coat of clear, nude or sheer pink nail polish is a nice touch. A small amount of makeup is fine…blush, lip gloss or Chapstick works well. Don’t worry about scars, bumps or bruises all retouching is done complimentary. Braces can be removed for a fee.

Pets – If your family pet is going to be included in your portrait make sure their color of their collar and leash blend with your outfits. A trip to the groomer or a fresh bath will insure their best looks!

Most importantly, Relax and have Fun! Soak it up and enjoy the moment!