Hello Gorgeous!

“This boudoir photoshoot was an amazing experience every woman should do! Alisha and her makeup artist Carol were an excellent team. They made me feel comfortable and relaxed despite being a ball of nerves.”


Showcasing your Session

W A L L  P O R T R A I T S

                 *Gallery Wrap       Canvas      Linen
20×24 ……….. $625 ……….. $625 ……. $525.
16×20 ……….. $550 ……….. $550 ……. $450.
11×14 ………… $475 ……….. $475 ……. $375.
*Gallery Wraps are not framed.

D E S K  S I Z E  P R I N T S

8×10 or 5×7 Desk Size Print ……. $59.

D I G I T A L   I M A G E S

Additional Digital Image …..……… $75.

B O O K S / A L B U M S

Designed with 15 – 20 beautiful, retouched images
from your session, you will also receive your 15 -20 images on a USB!

8×10 Acrylic / Metal Cover Album [20 images] …$800.
10×10 Leather Cover Book [15 images] ……….…. $600.
8×8 Leather Cover Book [15 images] …………….. $525.


12 Month Calendar …..……… $250.

C L O S E T   P O S T E R

Unique 16×24 Collage Poster designed 6 beautiful, retouched images from your session.
16×24 …………….. 6 poses …………. $150.

“Everything about my experience was awesome from how I was greeted when I came in, to the photoshoot and any time I had questions. Alisha makes you feel at home and so comfortable during the process. I had a blast and will definitely be back.. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer she is great!!!”


Additional information on how to prepare for your session below.

Preparing for your Session

Choosing outfits can be a bit stressful, the most important thing to remember is to make sure you choose outfits that make you feel sexy, but at the same time are comfortable. A silk robe to wrap yourself in is a dynamite outfit and will allow you to move around and relax. Bring at least one or two bra and panty sets. Corsets, garters and nylons are also great.

An oversized sweater or mens dress shirt can lend itself to a more casual but outstanding and very sensual look. That gorgeous dress that you’ve been dying to wear can be subtly inviting and create images that you can share with friends and family if you’re the least bit shy about sharing your more personal images. Denim and lace are another killer look! For an edgier look a bra and leggings with amazing heels are hot!

Accessorize your looks with shoes – bring at least a couple of pair that work with your outfits. Remember you’re not going to be walking in them, so they don’t have to be super comfortable. Other accessories that work are necklaces, earrings, hats, even boots can provide a whole other look to your images.

Tie in some hobbies, athletic wear or props to add a touch that highlights to your passion. An athletic jersey from your favorite team, clothing that you would normally only work in, or something that shows yours or someone specials interests.

The Day of your Session

Arrive with loose-fitting or no underwear and bra. No bras and underwear will avoid having lines in your skin. Lines take a while to disappear and can draw attention from in your photos.
Eat a healthy and light lunch. You want to avoid being bloated or lethargic. Nobody feels confident with a food baby. Eat something smart and filling to avoid becoming hungry during the shoot. Eat your veggies, they’ll keep you full and lean.

Bring outfits on hangers to avoid wrinkles.

If you’re getting your hair and makeup done by our artist; please make sure to have dry hair.

“I would definitely recommend Alisha! She takes amazing photos, is creative, so nice and made me feel so comfortable during the photo shoot. The pictures turned out great!”


Boudoir by Alisha LeDonne Photography